Singer-songwriter Casey Brett has explored his own experiences with music in a small Missouri town and  used them to start working diligently in writing and performing in venues of all sizes searching for a life of music beyond those small town borders.

     Casey has went from sharing the stage with many national recording artists to playing small clubs in rural towns, perfroming cover songs to  showcasing music he’s written. Each show brings a different perspective and learning experience for him that provides a clear path to acheiving his goals in music.  Casey’s sound isn’t the sound of a modern day Nashville product but the sound that constitutes the narrow line between blue-collar rock and current country music, also known as Red Dirt.
     Casey has spent much of his time living and/or commuting back and forth to Nashville, Tennessee for various projects in recent years.  He has performed at the many popular venues located in downtown Nashville and has collaborated with some very well known and respected songwriters in search of a clear road to bringing down the high barriers that surround country music.  Casey has now shifted his focus to the collaboration and completion of a self titled debut album and EP that will be released in the Fall of 2012.

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